Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Important Quotes and Manifesto by Michael D'Orazio

"If you're a humanitarian, and you hurt people who don't support your point of view, then you're not a humanitarian...."

"Expecting someone to be a humanitarian, when they aren't, is a futile game of fascism and authority...."

"I won't claim or act like a humanitarian, cuz I'd be lying...and that isn't exactly humanitarian..."

"Being a humanitarian, is like being a priest... it's a job nobody really wants..."

"Expecting everyone in this country to be a humanitarian is a fascist ideal, and has way too many expectations..."

"You chose to act like a lie in it...don't expect others to do the same...we live how we want..."

"When humanitarianism becomes oppressive, it's no longer humanitarianism..."

"G.G.Allin was right... hypocrites of society...he hated that authority...pure genius..."

"For those people who believe balance is the key... keeping the scales tipped doesn't help anyone... it's hypocrisy"

"Under the eyes of God I am innocent of my past crimes....but we all have a dark's those people who have that understand."

"With scars, comes knowledge and experience."

"A life less dangerous, is a life not worth living."

"With all good things come bad things. With all bad things come good things. It's called balance."

"A man dies when the liquor stops pouring, and there is nothing left to celebrate."

"The worst thing about government handouts is the red tape....Since when does red tape come before charity at church pantries."

"I appreciate the female form, and prefer a specific body type, but I am not shallow... A healthy body inspires me."

"The only reason I never did drugs is probably cuz I had no one to do them with, and I couldn't afford them."

"When Tyrants die, who do nothing more then lie....light breaks, and the sun shines..."

"When everyone goes away, only God and destiny remains..."

"The attainment of love is the greatest achievement."

"Everyone needs a reason to do something, otherwise there is no meaning behind the act."

"Instead of having a woman, I got a scar... After I got the scar I no longer wanted a woman "

"Men at a high level, use women in management to demean and take charge of men at the bottom."

"Those who control the women, have all the power."

"The Gay community is nothing more then an accepted, glorified concentration camp that includes undesireables."

"A man who threatens the status quo, will be expelled, for he is a threat...he must be gay..."

"When one is denied love, it is easy to fall into the hands of degradation."

"As a man, and an Artist, I believe women are the focus of all that inspires... Lose that focus and all is lost."

"Men use women to do their dirty work, because no corrupt man will single handedly stand up to a man that is right."

"The man who is right never loses in the spirit world...for evil rots the soul."

"When spiritual debts are unpaid, the supernatural forces will first take from your mental health, then your body, and if you die, they will take from the person closest to you."

"You can't be free until your debts are paid in full, when you owe you will be a slave."

"The only way to get rid of a taker is to give them what they want, and when you succeed you will never see them again...and in the end they realized they gained nothing."

"I dream of a day I can build a healthy balanced relationship, but I always test people, and am denied."

"Jealousy, and envy, are the true destroyers, of relationships, and love... because when one gains another loses."

"Rewarding a man for evil, and punishing him for doing good, breeds corruption, and is a true crime of humanity."

"Artists are the true givers of society, but seldom receive anything in return."

"Undeserved fame always ends in spiritual death, and then physical death usually follows."

"Being an artist is a huge sacrifice, with very few moments of glory."

"The true teacher, teaches by setting an example...not enforcing rules, and using propaganda to brainwash them to conform to an ideal..."

"You can paint a man with a clear conscience as a villian, but in the end your attempt to demonize a good man is futile."

"Unrequited love is a recipe for suicide."

"Evil women set traps for loving men. Becareful who you love, if she steals your soul, then you'll end up a casualty..."

"People who thirst for knowledge with an open mind are easily corrupted"

"I believe Rasputin really was a "Man of God", but was driven by a karmically dark force to help bring down the Romanovs.  He was the catalyst for the destruction of the Russian Dynasty."

"I also believe that Hitler was hated growing up.  The wheels of karma empower demonic forces in those who are targets in society...."

"When there is something a miss, or something isn't right, all one has to do to seek the truth is look deep underneath it all to find the answers."

"People pose as humanitarians to cover up their agendas..."

"If a woman is on birth control, or she asks you to wear a condom most likely she doesn't love you, or better yet she hates your guts."

"If you are hated and despised do not ask why, cause they really don't need a reason."

"When you grow beyond people's antics, or their control of you they lose complete interest in you, because it ain't fun anymore."

"When your not wanted, sex becomes a devisive snare to drag you down further... ask Weinstein..."

"It ain't over until the fat lady sings, and last man is left standing...that being said, only innocence can hold you up."

"Sex is sacred.  I would never have put out if it wasn't special...there are times I cried, and later regretted..."

"Maybe being murdered is a high honor... To die for what you believed, and maybe something you said...that seems honorable."

"My biggest regret was thinking humanity would understand.  I gave them my heart and soul, and in return they gave me emotional violence. Things will never be the same again."

"Defying a tyrant is essential in undermining their stupidity."

"The early definition of being "Gay" is a colorful, showy personality... The next definition was "a homosexual"... My definition is, "a person who is led to a state of degradation, through oppressive elements."

"A tyrant was meant to be overthrown, there need to be in control, and their lust for power is their downfall."

"A tyrant will always fall, cause no man is bigger then the will of God and freedom."

"Cigarettes don't kill people, it's why you're smoking is what's killing you."

"To me alcohol is beneficial, it gives me an appetite, helps me sleep, it motivates me to cook, and do things. It also helps me kill time, relax, and clear my head so I can think clearly...So tell me again that it's bad for me"

"If you ask a stupid person what you should do with your life, they will tell you all the wrong answers."

"An artist doesn't like to hear advice, they would rather have your support..."

"People who give advice to struggling Artists, are merely telling them to "Fuck off"...plain and simple.."

"Liberating the people is the only reason an Artist should become a celebrity... their work should liberate intellectually, sexually, and humanize."

"If you're a decent person, and people are trying to get something on you, give them what they want...For it will satisfy them that you are not perfect, and then you'll be free of them."

"The automobile was the worst invention ever to be mass caused more problems then it was worth...they suck money, kill animals, accidental deaths, and litigation...not to mention it covered the Earth in paved roads and parking lots."

"Background checks for jobs is just a safegaurd from freedom and liberty, because poverty is the main cause of criminal activity."

"The judicial system is corrupt, because it incarcerates the victims, and protects
those who are unjust."

"When in poverty, asking for handouts is no good option, unless they are offered."

"The left won't accept me, because I say I'm straight, the right won't accept me cause they think I'm I'm literally caught in the middle, politically that is.  I consider myself a moderate, which is a total disadvantage..."

"The Nazi's bled the color out of Nazi Germany.  Humanitarianism is bleeding the color out of America..."

"Life's a drinking game:  You lose, you drink...or do drugs...(end of story)"

"For everything you lose in life, something is spiritually gained, artistically, and intellectually...there is no exceptions..."

"True Artists are real freedom fighters..."

"Real Artists don't do it for the money, really...but when money rolls in it's time to celebrate..."

"It's okay to steal something if you earned it, and it wasn't given up freely..."

"When Doctors and Surgeons start doing it soley for the money, you know
You're fucked..."

"You cannot hold onto something you didn't earn... Everything given to you unearned, must be paid back one way or another..."

"Celibacy comes when you don't owe anyone a God damned thing..."

"Cheating in a relationship is essential when the relationship is imbalanced..."

"Your biggest fears will almost always come true..."

"When I got scarred I realized I was much more then just a fuck..."

"The persuit of pleasure always leads to a dead end"

"A man who is wins has women approach him. A man who is losing approaches women..."

"Life is a series of contests that go on throughout your life:  Win some, lose some..."

"A friend who is competitive against another friend is no friend at all..."

"Being poor has nothing to do with how much money you have... it's all about one's attitude towards life... You reap what you sow.... literally..."

"A perfect body does not mean a perfect soul...Perfection of the spirit is forged on the battlefield resulting in scarred bodies..."

"A scarred body is a beautiful body..."

"Ahhh the glorious battlefield...Life isn't worth living until there is a fight to be fought, or cause ...the battlescarred lion is glorious...."

"An Artist's artistic spirit is all he truly has... Take away that and he is absolutely nothing..."

"Money, fame, women, equity, finances, and even health come and go, but the human spirit lives on..."

"Resisting the idea of fame is essential in an Artist's survival..."

"An Artist's goal isn't fame and fortune... An Artist's true goal is to create, and destroy... and also to get his work done while resisting outside stimuli..."

"The moral of the Grigori Rasputin story is "Power without responsibility..."

"Power without responsibility can get you killed..."

"When you hold your head up high they try to knock you down, when you bow your head in failure a woman will marry you..."

"Everyone Love's the loser, and everyone hates the winner..."

"Real cutters and self abusers don't mark their bodies where people can see them... Frauds mark their bodies in noticeable spots to get attention..."

"Real alcoholics don't want help, they'd rather drink themselves to death in private... Frauds go to AA to become popular, and get attention, cause they usually brag about their excursions..."

"Suicide attempts are common amongst people who crave attention... If they didn't want attention they'd finish the job..."

"Most people who are suffering won't talk about it... Those who do are usually lying to get something..."

"Women will only give you sex when you're not interested...  If you want sex they will reject the idea, and tell you "that's all you want..."

"I told my first girlfriend I wanted more sex, she told me she didn't want the relationship to be all about sex... So she cheated on me five times and told me to my face... Life's full of bittersweet ironies..."

"Amanda Todd is the Patron Saint of Cyber Bullying... She is a martyr... I think of her always..."

"Robert Crumb's willingness to survive unutterable rejection is what made him important and famous, his artwork was just a byproduct..."

"Fear is the biggest enemy and obstacle of progress... If you are stupid enough to ask permission, you most likely will be denied..."

"Beauty doesn't matter when you're thrown into the pit of the gladiator...flesh gets torn... survive to tell the tale..."

"Your conscience can destroy you if you wake up and find you spent your whole destroying people's lives..."

"I do feel I have a lot in common with Beethoven...I mean I'm not a classical composer, but in his eulogy it stated "he gave them everything and got nothing in return, and it's the finest blades that are easily blunted and broken...he turned his back on the world, when people shut him out." That's me to a tee."

"The truth is when you hate someone, you really love them...cause they have power over your emotions, and that is why you hate them..."

"When you want to win, all you see is failure..."

"When you have a birthright, there will be people trying to stop you, persistence will eventually get you there, and claim your prize..."

"When something special, or sacred is mainstreamed or made open to the public, it is no longer special or sacred..."

"Lying to someone to their face or behind their back is just another form of is Mortal...God help my enemies..."

"Worrying about your health when your already healthy is a definite mental illness which may lead to self sabotaging your health..."

"An evil man will accuse an innocent man of that which he is guilty of, but in the end he will be exposed..."