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When the Weeks we're Wicked (Poem)

One day after a long string of bad occurrences, It took one more thing to trigger the sickness... I ran to the toilet and puked, Dry heaved a little bit of alcohol I drank... But it wasn't the alcohol that made me puke, The trauma, the abuse, the thuggery... The technological failure, The thievery... The sabotage... Then I drank to sleep, In bed for weeks... In my total darkness and despondence... I lay my head on my pillow reeling, Huffing and puffing, in utter agony... The weather was raging outside... Rainy winds howling, Just for me... The backdrop for my despair and pain... Immobile, hearing the wicked winds... For two weeks non stop, I could not leave the house, They said stay home... Do not venture out... Then the snow came, I did not notice, But the streets were covered... Ice, and snow plows tormented me... Scraping, shuddering, banging... I only left my apartment to get the vodka, In the trunk of my car...  Infused with ginger and ginseng... Alcoholism, or just cocktails

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