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Important Quotes part 2

Ephesians 6, 3-4 "Father's do not incite anger in your children by the way you treat them." "Honor thy Father and Mother...that is unless they are dishonorable, and their rules oppressive, and unjust." "The only reason a child should rebel against their parents, is because they enforce rules that go against the principles of Love and Godliness..." "And deliver us from evil. Amen..." "When one's actions are pleasing to the Lord even his enemies don't hate him." "What does it matter what food you eat..." "If one is to know whether they should be married or not, it's better to be free like me, but if one is on fire(lust), one should be married..." "When one lies, one murders another part of the world..." ----Merlin from Excalibur "An excellent man has no enemies, his friends don't like him..."                  ----Oscar Wilde "I put my genius into my lif

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