Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Back Against the Wall

(A message to James Lantz, from Vero Beach, FL, musician)
The trouble is I have no voice, no power to change my situation....Everytime I manage to get on my two feet, there is someone always to knock me down....I feel for you...You say people think your homeless, well anyone who doesn't fit in the norm they degrade. Just like me. According to the masses I am a gay man, which is untrue, or either that I was never really alllowed to explore that region of my mind. You see I was never allowed to do anything. I have no privilege, no entitlements, no opportunity to be apart of the community. I am blacklisted, excluded, separate from the masses. I have no voice, no choices, no ability to manuever through a society that doesn't want to change, or be threatened by someone like me or yourself. No one will side with me, join forces, or will accept my lousy situation in this world. Everytime I try to penetrate some aspect of society, I get pushed down further, and more rights taken away. My back is against the wall.  My situation is hard to accept because it hurts, and it affects my well being. If it didn't bother me menatlly and physically I probably wouldn't care, but this affects my health..my sanity, my ability to be free.

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