Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Nepotism, Power Games, and Demonization

It's in my opinion that people just want to accumulate Power...But why shouldn't they?  In this economy where wages are low, and the cost of living is high, in a country who used to hire people
with equal opportunity.  Well that has all changed.  Back in the eighties, all you had to do is fill out a paper application, and you got the job in a few days...  But now there is a popular word, that no one will talk about... The word is "Nepotism"...  Where you only hire, your friends, or family... If you are a loner like me, by no fault of his own, you are destined to be unemployed...  Or say you have smarts, and talents, or say you have the right attitude, say all you want and need is love, you don't live for the dollar.  In this case you are dangerous, you are a target.  Even if you are oblivious to the Evils that govern society and community... Once you see it happening, once you experience the Evils of Society, life gets frightening...All sorts of stuff like Intimidation, harassment, exclusion, alienation, separateness...All play a role in the social death of a genuine God fearing, loving person...Also another key factor is demonizing the individual, make him look like the bad guy, and also targeting him.  This makes the person powerless, submissive, and also helpless... There isn't much you can do...Once you start speaking the truth, all this will happen to the individual...These are the jealous games that people play...They won't stop until you are completely useless, desperate, and perhaps even suicidal....

"Nepotism" is illegal in America, but it has become a huge problem in the job market.  It's all about Power, and money, and social stabilization....Moving up, moving ahead, and leaving those other undesirables behind.... But giving into corruption is always a losing battle in the spirit world.  In this life we have choices, your damned if you do, and damned if you don't...Corruption catches up with people... They may not feel it now, and everything is dandy, but corruption always has a habit of catching up to the person.  It usually falls apart... But those who aren't corrupt are usually victimized by corrupt practices....Corruption eats at your soul, and the fabric of your sanity...  The lies, the deceit, and all the untrue actions devastate your life beyond repair.  It takes two to know a good person when you meet them, but God sees all, and karma will always answer in the end....

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