Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Is Political Correctness Fascism???....(Quotes by Michael D'Orazio)

Just added this to my ABOUT page on my website....I will talk soon more about POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, and it's pitfalls....

(To Begin....Michael's SOLE PURPOSE is to fight against POLITICAL CORRECTNESS, and the people who GOVERN this THOUGHT POLICE... POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is a THREAT to your 1st AMENDMENT RIGHTS, and also it is a THREAT to ART, and LITERATURE... Also, it is a form of MIND CONTROL, forcing you to be OBEDIENT.  It's a form of MENTAL SLAVERY, and SUBMISSION.... You do not have to be POLITICALLY INCORRECT to notice that, if people cannot CONTROL your MIND, you will be PENALIZED, PUNISHED socially, and in some cases OSTRACIZED.... POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is a THREAT, and should therefore be preserve and EMANCIPATE yourself from MENTAL SUBJAGATION...)   ---M.D.

The reason why Political Correctness is a threat to the older
generations, is simply because you can't teach "Old Dogs New Tricks", literally... I mean everything I learned and know as a middle aged man, is now being overturned, threatened, and broken, which ultimately is a threat to my whole psychic framework...Simply changing the fabric of my mind to conform to
an idiotic, and oppressive language as PC, is easier said then done...
I am being blamed literally for the subjugation of oppressed black people, cripples, retards, and touchy Semitic semantics, because Rich Liberal Fucks, had to change the language to insult people's intelligence, and intentions.  Changing our language to PC, is like telling me I can't use English anymore, and to learn another language in order to survive...Fuck that!!!.... I mean the freedom to choose our words, and not have to walk on eggshells, is the difference between being happy, and miserable.  Telling me to change my language, which should be my choice, is an oppressive stance to take, for the sake of perhaps hurting sensitive people, who know nothing about transcendence, or what it means to compromise the freedom to speak openly and freely....It's your choice really to accept this stupidity, or allow it to get more, and more tedious, or complicated.  I say RESIST...."

"Political correctness isnt just about slurs, or offensive lauguage its about communicating ideas that are real, true, or criticisms that may affect a class of people who take little responsibility or inflict injustices that affect all of society. With PC language, checks and balances are jeopardized, or compromised"

(on being both liberal and libertarian)
" It's possible to accepting of new ideas and also discarding new
useless ideas like Political Correctness. As an artist i am liberal but in the idea of free speech i am old school so that is where the libertarian comes in or perhaps the conservative bigot i may be for racially profiling people even though i inturn am not racist. I take from all political groups, and make my own religion in politics. I am moderate because of this.. I'm not radicalized on the right or left."

(on PC and literature)
"Gone with the Wind, came at a time when PC language, was not instituted.  It's a commentary on American history, which based itself on the truths of that time period.  Regardless, reality, and truth hurts, or reminds people of just how it use to be back then.... PC language, and it's fundamentals threatens to destroy literary classics, and limit the free speech of historians and writers of this day, and age... That is, if they are strong enough to not let it influence their work, so they can adhere to truthful principles.,,
As an Artist I try to be non-biased in my opinions, but facts remain, descriptions remain, and I find that under the influence of todays restrictions I find myself in a constant state of deep Rebellion..."

(On the argument of Slavery...)
"First of all the African slaves were enslaved by their own people,
then sold to white traders then shipped to North America where they were chained and shackled. I stress that white people did not invent the concept of slavery... Slavery dated back to Ancient times, and even the Egyptians who were considered colored, or Black, did in fact enslave the Jews. And of course later white people from the north, under the influence of Liberal Leader Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves in the South during the Civil War.  Even so, it seems that all white people, and I mean all, are being blamed and left with the stigma of having been responsible for the slavery of what they then called "Negroes"... Most white people have absolutely no connections, or lineage, that may make them culpable, or responsible for what has happened in the past, I know that there are people who still carry the confederate flag, and still hate the color of a black person's skin...But white people who aren't to blame, carry the stigma and guilt, or the pain of having to bear that they may be karmically responsible just because they are white... Jesus said, "Break the Chain of Evil", but for some reason there is no forgiveness, or no ending of the madness that yesterday was not so savory, etc..... But besides that one race can't be responsible for the invention of slavery, Slavery existed everywhere in the world in different times in history."

"Is Political Correctness, a dumbed down use of language for liberals to make people feel better about their shortcomings."

"Are Liberals in high places accused of creating a language that seemed to have good intentions in the beginning but later
became so extreme it limited free speech, and affected the
people who are forced to curb their expressive ideas, vocalize their frustrations, and deliberately censor their use of language, only to go lighter on those whom the language seemed to target."

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