Friday, May 18, 2018

"The Happy Land of Emasculation" (a story by Michael D'Orazio, circa 2010)

(This story was based on a dream I had the night before I wrote it.)
      When I woke up I was in the back of a Range Rover, my anus was sore, and these two people were bringing me to a place, apparently against my will.
      It was when I woke up that I realized that these two people were leading me around, I didn't know them, but I trusted that they were going to bring me somewhere interesting, and what it was, it turned out to be a surreal fairyland(nightmare).
      We rode through the countryside. We viewed country neighborhoods, with people all working together, seemingly perfectly happy.  It seemed like a happy land, but who were these people.  They all seemed connected.  It seemed alien to me.  When we got to where we were going it seemed like some sort of folk fest, with merchants and booths, jugglers, and lots of food.  There were men dressed like happy clowns, and some like drag queens.  The men were with men, and the women who had a butch appeal were with women just a little cuter.  I was confused why I was brought here, and I got a little paranoid.
      What town was this?  What state was I in.  The two people that brought me here seemed like a normal straight couple.  They had a huge pick up truck.  The man was grungy, like he worked outside most of his life, or maybe he was a hardcore alcoholic, who maybe smoked too much weed, and dug ditches for a living out in the sweltering heat.  The woman, you could tell she was pretty herself once, but life toughened her up.  You could tell that she was the type to stand by her man. They were in league with this organization, bringing undesirables, or failures to this world, to blend, and fit in.
      I got scared, and paranoid, and the first thing I checked was my anus, to see if I was violated in anyway.  And in my horror, I found sticky jizz oozing from my ass.  I couldn't believe this.  My biggest fear had come true.  I asked myself who did this to me, and who brought me here??
      The couple brought me to the person responsible for this(the person who had me violated), and who it was, was not surprising.  It was my girlfriend of four years.  She looked the same as I remembered her, but different at the same time.  She wasn't the person that I came to know.  She was deceptive, and deceitful... She betrayed me, and she was showing here true inner light.
     She looked at me like nothing had happened, and like she never saw me before. I remember that in our past relationship that she always made jokes, or perhaps attacked my masculinity in some ways that made me anxious, or made me mistrust her judgments.  After all, I tried my best to be the man in our relationship, but she wore the pants in a way that I didn't like.  I didn't want a woman to be in control my destiny, and in the end she brought me here anyways.
 She walked away with out a care, and I just looked around, scared that I was going to contract A.I.D.S, from the gooey jizz that was still oozing out of my ass.
      I wondered how I was going to get home, and who was willing to take me.  No one really showed any interest in helping me, treating me like I was just a number.
      The sun was shining regardless, to my dismay.  This place was like a fairyland, but to me it was a facade of something sicker.  This is when I woke up from this dream.  It made perfect sense to me.  It summoned up years of abuse, but now that I know this will it all stop.(Probably not)

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